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Frequently Asked Questions about Sunflower Diaper Service:

Q: Which brands/styles of diaper covers would work with this service?

A: Our prefolds are designed to fit into most modern diaper covers. Families report success with covers manufactured by: Bestbottom, BumGenius, Thirsties, Rumparooz, Diaper Safari, Flip, Bummis, Sweet Pea, Econobum, GroVia, and "generic" covers.  Non-pocket diapers seem to perform better with our prefolds than pockets.

Q: How do we use the diapers? 

A: We've simplified the use of prefolds by offering diapers that are sized to fit directly into almost any diaper covers simply. Essentially, you lay the diaper into a cover and snap it up! We've got more detailed instructions and a video here

We highly recommend a Cloth Diapering 101 class. Toasty Baby hosts these frequently.

Q: How many diaper covers will we need?  

A: The answer to this depends on how often you already do laundry! The short answer is probably somewhere around 6 to 12. Often, one cover will last the entire day unless is gets too soiled or wet from a leak. If you use a daycare, keep in mind that they may not reuse covers, that will impact your total number of covers needed. 

Q: Do you sell or rent diaper covers?

A: YES, we rent covers. Full service includes free rental of 6 newborn covers (so you don't have to buy them for the few weeks you might need them). Our newborn covers are available in our brand colors. Other OS covers vary in print, so you may send an email or call for current selection.

A: Indianapolis and the area around it has some pretty stellar local retail stores that carry cloth diapers:

 Toasty Baby (Northside), Growing Spurts (Greenwood), Red Raspberry Boutique (Carmel),Tree Top Baby (Plainfield). 

Q: How do I wash diaper covers?

A:  Most families using our service simply throw their covers in with other loads of laundry as needed - just make sure that your laundry detergent/soap are skin friendly. Stay away from chlorine bleach and hang dry. 

Q: What about daycares? 

A:  Indiana's daycare licensing regulations specifically allow for cloth diapering, with reasonable conditions. We keep a community-sourced list of cloth friendly daycares in the area, available here.  Our experience has been that most providers are open to cloth, even if they don't currently have any cloth diapering families.

Sunflower also provides diaper services to daycares. If you would like us to reach out to a daycare provider with information on how they can offer the service, please contact us - we'll be happy to reach out! 

Q: What is Sunflower's Wash Process?

A: Our wash process uses minimal chemistry at extremely high temperatures in commercial equipment. We use a plant-derived detergent that has been DFE-certified by the EPA. The result is that our diapers are fully cleaned, sanitized, pH balanced, and triple rinsed so that no residue remains that could irritate sensitive skin. Every step of the way, your baby and our environment are our priorities.

Q: What about poo? 

 A:  Simply get off what you can by "plunking" or gently shaking it over the toilet, and then throw it in the pail. No need to rinse or dunk; please do not soak the diapers (especially in any sort of soap, detergent, or chemicals)! Our wash process and commercial equipment take care of the rest! 

Q: Umm, wont the diapers stink if you only pick up/deliver once a week? 

A. Yes, and no! The diaper will smell - that is what they do. However, included in the service is an odorless pail with a charcoal filter that does an AMAZING job of capturing smells. It does a fantastic job! As long as the lid is closed, you likely won't notice any odors. 

 Q: Which diaper creams can we use?

A: Great options include: Coconut oil, Grandma El's, GroVia's Magic Stick (non-zinc version). 

Not allowed: products made from petroleum or that contain zinc. 

Q: What if I go on vacation?

A: No worries! Once you sign up for service, you'll be able to login and manage your service yourself. If you need to skip a week, just skip that week's order! We assume that we'll still be picking diapers up (so make a plan to have them out). If you have any doubts, give us a call - we want you to have the diapers you need! 

Q: What if I run out of diaper before my next delivery? 

A: Our Sunflower Diaper Service (full prefold service) includes a 24 Hour Enough Stash Guarantee: Subscribers who need more diapers before their next delivery can request more and we'll bring more within 24 hours of the time you contact us, at no additional charge. Excludes weekends and does not apply to combo, paper, or all-in-one services.